Society-Level Policies and Rulings

Society Marshals’ Handbook (10/2023) (PDF)

East Kingdom Policies and Rulings

Armored Combat Policies

Completed Marshal Training

Marshal Candidate Submission Form

When a candidate has successfully completed the training requirements to be a heavy marshal, fill out this form to submit their authorization. If you do not know the password, email the armored marshal.

Online Quarterly Reports:

Group/at-large Marshals
due end of Feb, May, Aug, Nov

Authorization Form Links

The Minister of the Lists web page has the Authorization Forms that fighters need for Armored Combat,  Additional Weapons Forms, or to request replacement of a lost card.  

Initial Authorization (Updated 6/2023)

Request Replacement Authorization Card Form

Fighter Practice Waivers can be found at the SCA Waiver Site.

Waivers for Minors and Medical Authorization Waivers (Permission to Treat) can be found at the same site, but we’d like parents to go through the Youth Fighters Website as well. There is a wealth of information specific to Youth Fighting that they’ll find invaluable.

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